Futures emerge form the interactions of actors in the systems we design. For decades systems sciences have given us the understanding of the forces that drive the behaviours of systems as well as the mechanisms that bring together or bring apart various systems. It has unraveled magical laws that drive the simple to complex power of systems to exhibit unlikely events as well as likely events.

Future design is how effective individuals, organizations and communities work together to insure their futures.

Future designers work with the participants in the system to evolve shared visions. They work to design processes that drive emergent behaviours. They design mechanisms that increase respite, reduce the need to faster and faster response, increase resillience or impact the system to make it more sustainable. They identify leverage points for maximum or enduring impact to accomplish missions and achieve business goals.

Ask your Future Designers to provide you services for envisioning alternate futures, aligning teams to shared visions, redesigning your systems to include possibilities of desired emergent behaviour, designing your governance processes, redesigning processes to increase respite, decrease the need for faster and faster response, make them system more stable, sustainable or resillient. Or ask them to provide in-depth research or even simulation laboratories and games to test out alternate strategies, align stakeholders or train your staff.

Future Designers also mentor stakeholder teams, support thier innovation and help them develop strategy.